Advance E-Commerce


Site Administrator Features :

We will provide you with admin sections to ADD/MODIFY/DELETE your sites different sections.

  • Through admin section the administrator can update the different categories of his products (he can categorize by products type,)..
  • The administrator can update his product with their product photograph through admin section.
  • The administrator can keep track of all the members signed up with the record of listing placed by each member.
  • The administrator can activate or de-activate the members from the site, if required.
  • Set Featured products
  • View order and set order when shipped
  • Admin can enter in stock and out of stock things.
  • Add/Edit/Delete users.
  • Add unlimited products/categories/subcategories.
  • Add products to multiple categories or subcategories.
  • Add standard image and thumbnail with optional image resizing.
  • Ability to set your prices in addition to optional retail price for comparison or sale price for sales
  • Ability to set number in stock for product inventory control.
  • Ability to set product as viewable or not.
  • Ability to set fixed shipping prices.
  • Ability to upload images for individual categories and subcategories.
  • Ability to add a description to each category or subcategory.
  • All orders stored in MS SQL database.(the most reliable and efficient database present now-a-days)
  • Customers can log in and view their order history for review and status as well as get tracking information.
  • When reviewing orders customers can ask questions or see notes left by the administration.
  • Password-protected administrative access.

Email Notifications

  • Administrator and customer order alert with complete order breakdown and information.
  • Email customer on order status change as well as shipping with tracking number notification.

Customer Notifications

  • Customer account signup notification with account details and welcome message.
  • Complete newsletter feature with HTML support built in.


  • META tags like keywords, description, robots, index, follow all pages of the site
  • Optimize the page & provide content rich pages.
  • Title of the site will generate through database & admin can edit it.
  • Text will be placed in technical way (i.e. search engine give the preference the text which is in H1 tag) & keywords density will be increased by putting text in hidden fields (i.e. title of each link, alt of images, and marquee at top of the page)
  • Link names & files name will be based on keywords so that search engine will give importance to page for better Ranking.

Advance Technique :

  • Robots files - In which we will invite search engine to crawl our web site & web Pages i.e. META NAME="GOOGLEBOT" CONTENT="INDEX, FOLLOW" for google Search engine in web page & User-agent: GOOGLEBOT Allow *
  • We will invite every search engine to "REVISIT" web site with in fixed day.
  • Link popularity.
  • Directory Listing.
  • keywords density and Spider Text.
  • and more.

Some basic optimization for Dynamic web pages :

  • We will use product name / category name / sub category name for passing the parameter to other pages
  • We never use world ID we will use keyword friendly word or code.
  • Page Title, Keyword, description, & other META tags will generates through database & admin have a function to change it & add it.


Every user have there own my admin section. They can access there account after login. The features of my admin for the user are :

"Track order" - here it will be shown when order was placed, what shipping address was given, and once the product was shipped (this will be updated in admin area) you can track the order in DHL/UPS page from here.

"Recently viewed Items" In this section user can see what item he saw recently

"My account" - here the customer changes his info, etc

ADMIN: Admin will also have control of every user. All Activities which are going to be displayed on Main Site by the USER those controlled by the ADMINISTRATOR. ADMIN will activate those things and then it is displayed on the Front End.

Gift Certificates : Site is having 2 coupon system Occasional Coupon System and User Coupon System.

Occasional Coupon System : Admin can define that coupon through admin section. Administrator will define the according to the % or $ wise. The coupon is only valid between certain date. Once admin will define the coupon the code will alpha numeric 12 digit code generate. Now Admin will send mail to all user with that code and also send print card. So when ever user purchase the product and enter that code he/she get the discount. If user enter the code and date was expired then that coupon will not work and gives error.

User Coupon System :

This system works when user purchase something admin can assign the coupon only to that member and that coupon is valid only of 1 time purchase.

When admin click on Assign Coupon this pop-up will comes up.

Some other links :

New Releases link- Automatically shows newly added items.

Top Sellers link - Systems tracks the most viewed furniture.

Newsletter creator in the admin area which send to all listed people and customers with opt-out option, etc.

Slide Show: The every product detail page is having slide show. So if admin add more then 1 pictures it will show like slide show.

CMS Based Pages :

Site is having some pages which can be editable by the admin at any time. How to Order/Help - Special page for ordering help.

  • About Us
  • Services
  • FAQ

Value Added Services :

  • Four month support after completion of the website.
  • Delivery of all the raw files after completion.
  • Site is fully optimized based on search engines like google,msn,yahoo.
  • URL Submission after completion of project in 100 directories.
  • One way link marketing for 2 months after completion of project.
  • Each website is designed as per the clients specifications, we strictly don’t use predesigned template.
  • No Hidden costs.
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