Basic E-Commerce

Basic E-Commerce

Site Administrator Features :

We will provide you with admin sections to ADD/MODIFY/DELETE your sites different sections.

  • Through admin section the administrator can update the different categorize of his products.
  • The administrator can update his product with their product photograph through admin section.
  • The administrator can keep track of all the members signed up with the record of listing placed by each member.
  • The administrator can activate or de-activate the members from the site, if required.
  • Set Featured products
  • View order and set order when shipped
  • Admin can enter in stock and out of stock things.
  • Add/Edit/Delete users.
  • Add unlimited products/categories/subcategories.
  • Add products to multiple categories or subcategories.
  • Add standard image and thumbnail with optional image resizing.
  • Ability to set your prices in addition to optional retail price for comparison or sale price for sales
  • Ability to set number in stock for product inventory control.
  • Ability to set product as viewable or not.
  • Ability to set fixed shipping prices.
  • Ability to upload images for individual categories and subcategories.
  • Ability to add a description to each category or subcategory.
  • All orders stored in MS SQL database.(the most reliable and efficient database present now-a-days)
  • Customers can log in and view their order history for review and status as well as get tracking information.
  • When reviewing orders customers can ask questions or see notes left by the administration.
  • Password-protected administrative access.

Email Notifications

  • Administrator and customer order alert with complete order breakdown and information.
  • Email customer on order status change as well as shipping with tracking number notification.

Customer Notifications

  • Customer account signup notification with account details and welcome message.
  • Complete newsletter feature with HTML support built in.

CMS Based Pages :

Site is having some pages which can be editable by the admin at any time. How to Order/Help - Special page for ordering help.

  • About Us
  • Services
  • FAQ

Value Added Services :

  • Four month support after completion of the website.
  • Delivery of all the raw files after completion.
  • Site is fully optimized based on search engines like google,msn,yahoo.
  • URL Submission after completion of project in 100 directories.
  • One way link marketing for 2 months after completion of project.
  • Each website is designed as per the clients specifications, we strictly don’t use predesigned template.
  • No Hidden costs.
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