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IT Consultancy

Website Consultancy

Ecordon Solutions is providing IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. We specialize in the designing, developing, providing website management and maintenance. With substantial experience in E-business, we understand what works on the Internet and what does not.

Our consultation will focus on the core issues that include discussion on marketing and promotion strategies, design and development and implementation technology. We take into account your company's mission, vision, ethos, work culture, infrastructure, existing processes and norms as well as budgets to evolve a competitive on-line strategy that will deliver measurable results.

Our website consultancy services analyze various factors like design, accessibility, navigation, usability, purchase process and assessment of your existing marketing and promotional strategies. The resultant analysis is used as a report that forms the basis of preparation of an action plan to incorporate required changes and address shortfalls. We conducts a comprehensive investigation of your site to find out errors & bugs, incase your website is under-performing. Finally, we evolve an online marketing strategy that will drive greater number of targeted visitors to your site.

Website consultancy services involve several stages for an effective project plan. Our technical experts will help you in choosing the most appropriate platform, such as HTML, ASP or PHP, according to project’s complexity & requirements. Our content development department will take care of Content & Functional Analysis which will determine content’s quality so that your website can attract more targeted visitors.

Following this, we will create a site structure that will collate content, design and information in a streamlined fashion. This stage will help us determine with certainty the tools and technology most suited to your business needs. In addition, we will study the characteristics of your target market and determine the size of your potential targeted customer base.

Your website will perform to your satisfaction once you partner us. Contact Us now if you wish to avail our website consultancy and related services.

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